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Messy Church is a church for families who find it hard to go to church on a Sunday, and a typical session will include crafts, activities, a short celebration and a meal.

Having tried a number of different days and times, we decided  on the 1st Saturday of the month, which hopefully will make it easier for those families that find weekdays difficult.

together through....
  • meeting with other people
  • making new friends
  • having fun
  • learning together
  • being creative

Messy Church is a part of our St Mary's community and is a place for young and old to:

...experience the love of God

…be encouraged to grow in faith explore being part of God's family

Our time together roughly follows the same pattern each month

3.45 pm   Activities

4.30 pm   Time in church all together

5.00 pm    Saturday tea together

As this is a place for everyone to be a part we would hope that.... ...

All those who come are able to take part and try different activities. Please ensure your family is well supervised for their safety and
enjoyment. In church you will sit together as a family group and all feel able to join in. During the meal you will sit with one another and enjoy conversation and
friends, if there is something you run out of or don't like please do let us know.

You will feel able to give a donation towards the craft and food at Messy Church. As a guide we recommend £l per person.

As you become more familiar with Messy Church you might feel able to be more involved in some more specific roles and ways.

Just turn up if you have not been before as there is no need to book in.

Messy Church Programme 2019/2020
Saturday  9th November
Moses - Manna & Quail
Saturday 14th December
Birth of Jesus - Shepherds and Kings
Saturday 11th January 2020
The Flight into Egypt - Jesus the Refugee
Saturday  8th February
Solomon - God’s Man of Wisdom

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